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Coastal Elevation Models

Coastal digital elevation models (DEMs) help researchers and decision makers understand and predict environmental changes that affect coastal regions. DEM data is used in a wide range of critical monitoring activities, including coastal process modeling (tsunami inundation, storm surge, sea-level rise, contaminant dispersal, etc.), ecosystem management, habitat research, coastal and marine spatial planning, hazard mitigation, and community preparedness.

Tsunami inundation grid, Monterey Bay, CA

Access Methods

Coastal DEM data can be accessed in a variety of formats and file structures using a variety of services.

Bathymetric Data Viewer

The Bathymetric Data Viewer is an interactive map application that provides access to a variety bathymetric data, including Coastal DEMs.

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Tiled Coastal DEMs

Search by map at NOAA's Digital Coast Data Access Viewer: