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Cooperative Observer Network (COOP)

The National Weather Service (NWS) Cooperative Observer Program (COOP) is a network of daily weather observations taken by more than 8,500 volunteers. These data, which include observations from the late 1800’s, are vital to understanding the U.S. climate, and also provide near real-time information that supports forecasts, warnings and alerts, and other public service programs. Observations taken from around the U.S. and its territories at National Parks, seashores, mountaintops, farms, and many urban and suburban areas. COOP data usually consist of daily maximum and minimum temperatures, snowfall, snow depth, and 24-hour precipitation totals. Observations may include additional hydrological or meteorological data such as evaporation or soil temperatures. 

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Access Methods

NCEI provides free access to digital data through the following access methods. Physical, certified data are also available.  

Original COOP Observation Forms

Daily observations provided on handwritten or computer-generated forms. These may include remarks or additional information supplied by the observer. Available one month at a time.

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COOP Data with a 24-hour Lag

Data are electronically generated and available for most COOP stations. Data do not include remarks and additional information supplied by the observer. Generally available within 24 hours of observation. 

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Dataset Folders