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Marine Scientific Research (MSR) Data

The U.S. Department of State (DOS) Marine Scientific Research data (MSR) program provides permission for research cruises from international partners to collect oceanographic, meteorological, and marine geophysical data in waters subject to U.S. jurisdiction in exchange for sharing data with U.S. parties. 

For questions or additional information, please contact or

MSR data collected by international partners must be submitted to NCEI. These data must be accompanied by observation/processing notes and relevant interpretive reports. See the data submission instructions for more information. 

MSR U2012-030 Final Report (France): Bathymetric map of all the Haiti-SIS cruise (onboard R/V L’Atalante) Leg 1 & 2

MSR Survey Data

Available datasets include oceanographic measurements, visual observations of marine wildlife, chemical measurements, and marine geophysical data. These data types are used by government and public scientists to understand the U.S. Exclusive Economic Zone environmental and ecological resources.

MSR Survey Table
*PRC=People's Republic of China | *ROK=Republic of Korea | *UK=United Kingdom
MSR Survey ID Contributing Country DOI (Data Access)
U2010-031 Canada
U2010-033 Canada

U2011-003 Japan
U2011-004 Japan
U2011-005 Japan
U2011-006 Spain
U2011-009 Spain
U2011-010 Canada
U2011-013 Canada
U2011-015 Canada
U2011-018 France
U2011-021 Japan
U2011-023 Japan
U2011-024 Germany
U2012-001 Japan
U2012-005 Canada
U2012-006 Canada
U2012-007 Canada


U2012-018 Japan
U2012-020 PRC*
U2012-026 Australia
U2012-030 France
U2013-002 Canada
U2013-003 Canada
U2013-005 Japan
U2013-006 Japan
U2013-007 Japan


U2013-022 Canada
U2013-027 Japan
U2013-030 Japan
U2013-031 Japan
U2014-001 Japan
U2014-002 Japan
U2014-003 Canada
U2014-007 Japan




U2014-021 Japan
U2014-022 *PRC
U2014-024 *PRC


U2014-027 Canada
U2014-028 *PRC
U2014-036 Japan
U2014-038 Japan
U2015-004 Canada
U2015-013 Canada
U2015-014 *ROK
U2015-018 France
U2015-021 France
U2015-022 Japan
U2015-026 Canada
U2015-028 France
U2015-030 *UK
U2015-032 Australia
U2015-034 *PRC
U2016-002 Japan
U2016-003 Japan
U2016-004 Canada
U2016-010 France
U2016-012 *ROK


U2016-024 *PRC
U2016-025 *PRC

U2016-026 *PRC
U2016-028 Canada
U2016-029 Japan
U2016-031 Japan
U2017-001 *PRC
U2017-005 Canada
U2017-009 *PRC
U2017-012 Japan
U2017-014 *ROK
U2017-016 *PRC
U2017-021 Australia
U2017-023 *PRC
U2017-024 Japan
U2018-001 Japan
U2018-002 Japan
U2018-007 Japan


U2018-010 France


U2018-012 *PRC

U2018-013 Japan
U2018-018 China

U2018-020 Canada
U2018-024 Japan
U2019-002 Japan
U2019-007 Japan
U2019-008 China
U2019-010 Japan





U2019-016 France
U2019-017 *ROK
U2019-020 China

U2019-023 Canada
U2019-026 Japan


U2019-032 *PRC
U2020-001 Japan
U2020-004 Japan
U2020-005 *ROK
U2020-006 *ROK

U2020-012 Canada
U2020-017 Japan
U2020-019 Japan
U2020-022 Japan
U2020-023 Canada
U2021-002 Japan
U2021-007 Japan

U2021-009 *ROK
U2021-010 *ROK
U2021-017 Norway
U2021-022 France
U2021-023 France
U2021-024 Japan
U2022-001 Japan
U2022-002 Japan
U2022-004 Japan
U2022-005 ROK*
U2022-006 ROK*
U2022-008 Canada
U2022-041 Canada
U2022-046 Spain
U2022-047 Japan
U2022-049 Germany
U2022-051 Japan
U2022-052 Japan
U2023-003 Japan
U2023-004 Japan
U2023-006 ROK*
U2023-009 Japan
U2023-012 Mexico
U2023-017 Canada