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PassivePacker is a data packaging and metadata gathering software tool NCEI developed to simplify data submission preparation for passive acoustic data. PassivePacker has a simple interface to control packager operation and metadata entry. Once the metadata entry is complete, data packaging is automatic.

PassivePacker copies the data, generates machine-parsable JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) metadata records, and creates a checksum manifest file. All of this information comes in a structured data package that conforms to the BagIt specification.

Demo of how the PassivePacker program works
PassivePacker and its predecessors have packaged over 160 TB of data since 2015.


Current version: PassivePacker v.4.0.4 (Win OS 64-bit zip file). Both audio and data product datasets from stationary marine, mobile marine, and stationary terrestrial deployments can be packaged for submission to NCEI.

Contact for source code and other OS options.

  1. Download and uncompress the zip file
  2. Open the PassivePacker_vX.X.X directory
  3. Click on "PassivePacker.exe" to launch
  4. Create an alias or shortcut to the executable for your desktop or other location

Note: Executable and all other files must remain in the PassivePacker directory.

For help, contact, or consult the user manual.