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Interactive Radar Map

The Interactive Radar Map shows supplemental data in support of NCEI's Weather Radar Archive. The tool includes several unique features that allow users to select data from 1995–present for individual or multiple stations at varying altitudes.

Historical Reflectivity Mosaics

The map tool uses the Reflectivity Mosaics products and web services provided by the Iowa Environmental Mesonet. Reflectivity is available from 1995 to near-real time in five-minute increments. The raw data are not available for download and are only accessible as images on this map or from the Iowa Environmental Mesonet.

Range and Coverage of Radar Sites

The typical range of most radar products is 230 km from the radar site. However, mountains can block the lower sweeps of the radar beam. The Interactive Radar Map Tool shows map layers at the maximum distance (230 km), as well as maps derived from geospatial models that provide views of areas blocked by mountains.

The analysis conducted by NOAA's Radar Operations Center shows the availability of beam coverage at specified altitudes from the ground. The map tool includes layers at 4,000 feet (best coverage), 6,000 feet (better coverage), and 10,000 feet (fair coverage).

Please visit the NOAA's Radar Operations Center for more information.

Station Selection

The map tool includes selection tools that allow users to choose individual or multiple sites and begin the ordering process for historical data in NCEI's Radar Data Archive.