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North American Multi-Model Ensemble

The North American Multi-Model Ensemble (NMME) is a seasonal forecasting system that consists of multiple coupled models from North American modeling centers. NCEI provides access to data for global, 12-month forecasts of 13 key variables. NMME data is daily or 6-hourly with a 1º by 1º spatial resolution. Most NMME datasets have 10 realizations for each variable.

Access Methods

As of March 2018, data for CFSv2 and CCSM4 are accessible through the access links below. The other model datasets will be accessible once they arrive in the NCEI archive.

ModelGrid/ScalePeriod of RecordModel CycleOutput TimestepData Access Links
CCSM4Global, 1º01Jan2011–Present1/dayDaily
CFSV2-2011Global, 1º01Jan2011–Present1/day6-hourly
CanCM3Global, 1º01Jan2011–Present1/dayDaily
CanCM4Global, 1º01Jan2011–Present1/dayDaily
GEOS-5Global, 1º01Jan2011–Present1/dayDaily
GEM/NEMOGlobal, 1º01Nov2019–Present1/dayDaily

Contributing Organizations


  • The Community Climate System Model version 4 (CCSM4)
  • The Climate Forecast Model version 2 (CFSv2-2011)
  • The Canadian Coupled Climate Model versions 3 and 4 (CanCM3, CanCM4)
  • The Global Environmental Multiscale/Nucleus for European Modeling of the Ocean (GEM/NEMO)
  • The Goddard Earth Observing System Model version 5 (GEOS-5)


Variables are listed by model and variable name. "N/A" denotes variables that are not available.

Precipitation rateprprecipprprlrprlrprpr
Daily Maximum Surface Air TemperatureTREFMXAVTasmaxtasmaxtasmaxtasmaxtasmaxtasmax
Daily Minimum Surface Air TemperatureTREFMNAVTasmintasmintasmintasmintasmintasmin
Zonal surface stressSTXStxstxstxstxN/Astx
Meridional surface stressSTYStystystystyN/Asty
Sea level pressurePSLPslpslpslpslN/Apsl
Zonal wind (@850 hPa)uauauauauaN/Aua
Meridional wind (@850 hPa)vavavavavaN/Ava
Zonal wind (@200 hPa)uauauauauaN/Aua
Meridional wind (@200 hPa)vavavavavaN/Ava
Net longwave flux at top of modelN/ARltN/ArltrltN/Arlt
Net solar flux at surfaceN/ARssN/ArssrssN/AN/A
Geopotential height (@500 hPa)gGgggN/Ag
Specific HumidityHUShushushushusN/Ahus