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Mirrion 2: Real Time Ionosonde Data Mirror

The Mirrion 2 system collects ionosonde soundings from a worldwide collection of ground stations and makes the data available to the public.

Master Ionosonde Data Set (MIDS)

The MIDS is a complete set of data received or generated by Mirrion that also includes documentation and software.

MIDS FTP Protocol*

Latest Ionograms

Ionograms are recorded tracings of reflected high frequency radio pulses generated by an ionosonde. Read more at the Ionospheric Program at NCEI page.

Latest Real Time Ionograms

HF Propagation Prediction

A global prediction map of the Maximum Useable Frequency (MUF) created using Mirrion 2  data by amateur radio operator KC2G.

MUF3000 Map

Latency Monitor

The Latency Monitor provides visual metrics on the timeliness of ionosonde data products moving from worldwide stations through NCEI’s processing pipeline to data recipients. 

Backlog Monitor

Time history plot of the Number of STP files backlogged in the Mirrion data processing queues. Updated hourly.

Time series of select scaled characteristics for the past week, by station.

Global Map of Real-Time Data

Maps of stations that have sent data to Mirrion recently, typically within the last week. Images are updated daily at 12:00 a.m. UT.

Note the size of the circle is a subjective and qualitative opinion as to the quality of the data and the area of "coverage" for each sensor.

FTP Access

*Note: Google and Mozilla have deprecated support for File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server access on Chrome and Firefox. Review the documentation to learn about FTP access options.