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The Environmental Research Division Data Access Program (ERDDAP) is a visualization and data conversion tool developed by the Pacific Fisheries Environmental Laboratory that can incorporate multiple data subsets from different sources into a single workspace. ERDDAP can convert disparate data types into a common format.

More Information

Overview of application services, functionality and data availability

Detailed information about the NCEI ERDDAP instance

Code and documentation

API Documentation
Documentation for Representational State Transfer (RESTful) web services


Contact with questions about ERDDAP software use, data access, etc.

Data Access and Discovery

Search Options

Dataset Lists

Search the full list of NCEI datasets in ERDDAP via an HTML as a table, or a JSON representation:

Search Examples
CFS Datasets: HTML
CFS Datasets: JSON

Data Types

Gridded Data (GridDAP)

GridDAP datasets are multidimensional grids with shared dimensions. They typically have time, vertical, north-south, and east-west dimensions, or any combination of these. The horizontal dimensions may either be geographic or arbitrary Cartesian coordinates. All NCEI data currently in the NCEI-NC ERDDAP is grid data.

Table Data (TableDAP)

TableDAP data sets look like a spreadsheet or database table, and can be queried like a database table. ERDDAP makes it possible to access any dataset in this format.