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OCADSAccess DataNDP-080NDP-080 - The Indian Ocean CO2 Survey Cruises Information

The Indian Ocean CO2 Survey Cruises Information

Ship name: R/V Knorr
Cruise/Leg: WOCE Sections I8SI9S, I9N, I8NI5E, I3, I5WI4, I7N, I1, I10, and I2
Ports of call: Fremantle Australia (start), and Mombasa, Kenya (end)
Dates: December 1, 1994 - January 22, 1996
TALK instrumentation: F. J. Millero, RSMAS
TCO2 instrumentation: D. W. R. Wallace and K. M. Johnson, BNL
Reference material: A. D. Dickson, SIO
Funding support: DOE, NSF
Chief scientist: See Table 2

The extent and nature of the complete measurement program and the responsible institutions for each cruise are summarized in Table 3.

The principal investigators (PIs) and the senior technical staff for the WOCE measurements program are summarized in Table 4.

Table 5 contains a summary of the personnel responsible for the discrete carbonate system measurements.

A complete list of the CO2 measurement team members and their home and sponsoring institutions appears in Appendix A.

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