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NOAA Assists Getting Back to Learning

New data-driven resources available for young learners

Picture of educational toolkit
Courtesy of NOAA

New tools from NCEI support all educators and assist back-to-learning efforts for many grade levels. We have created resources to engage elementary school to high school-aged students and bring the reliability of NOAA data and information to a variety of learners

NCEI Educator Toolkits

NCEI has developed a new format for combining online and affordable hands-on activities into an adaptable exploration of science topics. Each Toolkit has been crafted to align real-world science topics to appropriate Next Generation Science Standards. With time, these Toolkits will expand to encompass more of the wide-ranging types of environmental data used at NCEI:

Bathymetry in Action

The process of determining the landscape of the ocean floor is a pertinent endeavor as the scientific community strives to map the topography of the entire seafloor by 2030. Engage youth as they use their own creativity to determine methods to simulate early methods of modeling the ocean floor and then connect the demonstration to the current process.  

Relevant grade levels: 4th to 5th grade

Historic Tsunamis

The goal of this Toolkit is to build understanding about the geological processes that can create a tsunami and the history of their impacts on humanity. With a combination of a simple demonstration using sandwich cookies and online visualization tools, students will gain a fuller picture of tsunamis and earthquakes. 

Relevant grade levels: 4th to 10th grade

Extra Learning Resources from NOAA

Beyond curriculum support, NCEI has developed the following resources to support the exploration of science concepts and information in engaging formats:

Weather and Climate Videos

These short and informative videos concisely explain the difference between weather and climate in both English and Spanish.

Relevant grade levels: 5th to 8th grade

Earth Facts Fortune Teller

This foldable activity is a great introduction to simple facts about Earth, with QR codes to connect users to NCEI full articles on each subject. A fun activity filled with useful information.

Relevant grade levels: 8th to 12th grade


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