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V-DAT Working Group

The Data Working Group (WG V-DAT) of the International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IAGA Div. V) deals with geomagnetic data and indices. Division V was reorganized at the 2003 XXIII General Assembly of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) held at Sapporo, Japan.

WG V-DAT, which is a continuation of the former working group V-2, defines formats for data exchange and sets quality standards for indices of magnetic activity. The group encourages the free exchange of scientific information and welcomes feedback from the public. 

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Chair: Ellen Clarke

Earth Hazards and Observatories,
British Geological Survey, United Kingdom

Co-Chair: Anna Naemi Willer

DTU Space
National Space Institute


Data Exchange Format

IAGA2002 is the latest format for observatory ASCII data dissemination. This format was originally released in August 2001, followed by modification in December 2001, July 2003, and August 2011, and June 2015.

World Data Centers and Services


The International Real Time Magnetic Observatory Network (INTERMAGNET) is a global network of cooperating digital magnetic observatories that uses modern standard specifications for measuring and recording equipment to facilitate data exchanges and development of geomagnetic products in near real time. The IAGA Working Group V-OBS coordinates issues related to the operation of geomagnetic observatories.

Access Data by Type

Geomagnetic Indices and Event Lists

There are numerous indices of geomagnetic activity. IAGA officially recognizes the aa, am, Kp, Dst, AE, and PC magnetic indices. IAGA also endorses lists of remarkable geomagnetic events such as SSC, SFE, and international quietest (Q-Days) and most disturbed days (D-Days). Criteria for IAGA endorsement of indices were implemented in 2009. More information about the IAGA indices and geomagnetic event lists is available from the International Service of Geomagnetic Indices (ISGI).

IAGA's Division V-DAT (formerly Working Group 2) holds business meetings every two years in conjunction with the IAGA or IUGG Assembly. Minutes from several recent meetings are available on-line.

The working group occasionally forms task forces address critical focus areas. Past examples include:  

  • Indices, Forecasting, Data Services, Effects (closed)
  • ASCII based data exchange format (closed)
  • Criteria for index endorsement (closed)
  • Endorsement of PC as an IAGA index (closed)
  • Endorsement of the classification of rapid variations as SC (closed)
  • Data DOI

Term Chair Co-Chair
July 2019–2023 Ellen Clarke Anna Naemi Willer
June 2015–2019 Masahito Nosé Ellen Clarke
July 2011–June 2015 Renata Lukianova Masahito Nosé
July 2007–July 2011 Mita Rajaram Renata Lukianova
July 2003–July 2007 Alan Thomson  
July 1999–July 2003 Susan McLean Toyohisa Kamei
–July 1999 David Boteler Susan McLean