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Monitoring and Studying Harmful Algae

September 24, 2018
Understanding harmful algal blooms requires efforts by many organizations and NOAA to monitor and study their occurrence.

Reporting on the State of the Climate in 2017

August 7, 2018
We’re announcing the release of the State of the Climate in 2017 report, an assessment of the world’s climate system.

What Can the Ocean Floor Tell Us About Tsunamis?

July 26, 2018
Digital elevation models provide a framework for more accurately predicting tsunami impacts in coastal communities and saving lives.

Search and Discover the Ocean World

August 13, 2018
A collaboration between NCEI and the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research has created opportunities to explore ocean video.

NOAA Data Help Land the Next Catch

October 1, 2018
NOAA ocean and coastal data at NCEI support value-added services that help fishing.

Mapping Our Planet, One Ocean at a Time

September 21, 2018
We’re one step closer to mapping our oceans, thanks to an algorithm developed in part by NCEI scientists.

Attending the 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting

August 1, 2018
NCEI scientists are highlighting some of our latest coastal and ocean research, products, and services at the 2018 Ocean Sciences Meeting.

Planet Postcard: The Mariana Trench

August 23, 2018
The world’s deepest point lies in the Pacific Ocean and has been considered a mystery for years, but scientists are taking a closer look.

To Study Earth’s Climate, Look to the Ocean

August 10, 2018
A new study proposes using ocean heat content and sea level rise data to track global warming.

Seabed 2030: Map the Gaps

September 11, 2018
Over 80 percent of the world’s oceans are unexplored and unmapped. A global community is dedicated to changing that.