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An Inventory of Tropical Cyclone Tracks

August 22, 2018
NCEI maintains an inventory of tropical cyclones and the paths they’ve taken, dating back to the 1850s.

Planet Postcard: A Bucket Full of Data

August 29, 2018
Less than 100 years ago, scientists and sailors used ordinary wooden buckets to measure sea surface temperatures.

NCEI Records Response to Historic Gulf Oil Spill

August 10, 2018
NCEI holds one of the largest public collections of marine environmental data compiled during the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill response.

Planet Postcard: Life at the Bottom

August 22, 2018
From Annelids to Zoantharians, discover an underwater world of bottom dwelling creatures known as benthos.

NCEI Scientists Contribute to Gulf Collaboration

August 22, 2018
NCEI scientists contribute to the continued health and resilience of the Gulf of Mexico through a collaborative alliance.

Discover the Gulf of Mexico Through Maps

August 27, 2018
Using maps, the Gulf of Mexico Data Atlas provides information related to the area’s environment, marine life, and socioeconomic status.

On This Day: Great Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami

August 27, 2018
On the evening of March 28, 1964, without warning, the largest recorded earthquake in U.S. history struck Alaska’s Prince William Sound.

Luck of the Irish Sea

August 27, 2018
The luck of the Irish extends beyond the shores of Ireland into the North Atlantic Ocean thanks to international partners in ocean mapping.

Ocean Heat Reveals More About Climate

August 27, 2018
A new study about the ocean’s heat content in the journal Science Advances supports evidence of global warming.

A Beach Companion: Coastal Water Temperature Guide

August 28, 2018
The Coastal Water Temperature Guide (CWTG) from NCEI supplies recent ocean and Great Lakes temperatures.