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NCEI at Once-in-a-Decade Ocean Meeting

Photo of beach at Honolulu
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Hundreds of scientists will gather in Honolulu, Hawaii, September 16-20, 2019, at a decadal meeting to work toward designing a fit-for-purpose ocean observing system to meet the needs of the next decade. OceanObs’19 is a unique meeting that brings together global ocean observing and data management partners. The meeting will determine how future user needs are met; improve the delivery of products across the globe; advance technology and services; and balance needs, capabilities, and knowledge worldwide. 

NCEI’s Tim Boyer, Ken Casey, Julie Bosch, Boyin Huang, John Marra, Kelly Stroker, and Huai-min Zhang along with other NCEI affiliate and contract staff will attend OceanObs’19. Our scientists will offer their expertise and, in turn, gather user input from the ocean observing community toward making NCEI products better. NCEI, which hosts one of the most signficant archives for environmental data on Earth, provides public access to oceanographic data from the 1700s to the present.

An Ocean of Opportunity to Learn about NCEI

Many opportunities will be available to interact with NCEI scientists at OceanObs‘19. Besides presentations, they will be attending the many programs, talks, break-out sessions, and side meetings. Throughout the week, staff will also present posters highlighting NCEI work: 

  • Measuring Global Ocean Heat Content to Estimate the Earth Energy Imbalance (Poster #CVC-42)
  • NCEI’s Integrated Tsunami Database: Data for Improved Forecasts, Warnings, Mitigation, and Research (Poster #HMS-10)
  • Enhancing the Value of Discrete Archived Ocean Observation Data through Integration into Synthesized Products (Poster #DIS-02)
  • NOAA NCEI's Comprehensive Ocean Surface Datasets and Services (Poster #DIS-19)
  • The Role of Buoy and Argo Observations in Global and Pacific Ocean in Two SST Analyses (Poster #OSG-13)
  • Blending TAC and BUFR Marine in situ data for ICOADS Release 3.0.2 (Poster #DIS-CVC-04)

A poster presentation schedule will be available in the poster area.

NCEI scientists contributed to the goals of the meeting through work prior to the conference. NCEI staff are co-authors on 13 Community White Papers developed over the last year. The purpose of the Community White Papers is to convey the collective perspectives of the ocean observing community and reflect: priorities for the next decade, opportunities for strengthening end-user engagement, concepts for better integration, and prospects for improving societal themes. The White Papers were published in Frontiers in Marine Science.

A Global Effort for the Ocean

A big part of the mission of OceanObs’19 is to bring people from all over the planet together to communicate. This year’s meeting is expected to have 1200 attendees--quadruple the attendance of the first meeting in 1999 and double that of the 2009 meeting.

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