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The Future of Ocean Acidification

December 18, 2019
New research may lead to more solutions to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and ocean acidification adaptation strategies in regional areas.

Expanding an Ocean of Data

June 5, 2019
NCEI announces the most recent update of the World Ocean Database and World Ocean Atlas.

A Data-Rich Northwest Atlantic Testbed

April 5, 2019
A team of NOAA researchers took a closer look, literally, at a data-rich region in the Atlantic Ocean to examine ocean phenomena.

Tracking the Gulf Dead Zone

August 1, 2019
NOAA works to understand, predict, and ultimately reduce hypoxia in the Gulf of Mexico and its impacts to ecosystems and coastal communities.

World Ocean Database Profiles the Ocean

May 3, 2019
The World Ocean Database holds a broad array of measurements for studies of the ocean and Earth’s atmosphere.