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Tracking Changes in Earth’s Magnetic Poles

July 26, 2018
Our Historical Magnetic Declination Map Viewer shows changes in Earth’s magnetic field and geomagnetic poles from 1590 to 2020.

Visualizing Disasters: New Hazardous Event Posters Available

August 24, 2018
NCEI’s latest editions of its historical natural hazard events posters have been released.

Mapping Our Planet, One Ocean at a Time

September 21, 2018
We’re one step closer to mapping our oceans, thanks to an algorithm developed in part by NCEI scientists.

Seabed 2030: Map the Gaps

September 11, 2018
Over 80 percent of the world’s oceans are unexplored and unmapped. A global community is dedicated to changing that.

Hollings Scholars Spend Summer on Research

August 22, 2018
Three NOAA Hollings Scholars spent their summers developing research projects at NCEI.

The Power of the Crowd

August 22, 2018
Crowdsourced bathymetry brings together mariners and scientists to produce a more thorough map of the ocean floor.

Ready, Set, Eclipse

July 30, 2018
Anticipating the total solar eclipse this August? Learn from NCEI and CICS-NC about how cloudiness may affect this rare spectacle.

Estimating Wildfire Risk with a New Tool

August 22, 2018
Scientists collaborate with fire managers in the Great Plains to produce a tool for estimating wildfire risk with NOAA and NASA data.

Easy Ways to Become a Citizen Scientist

October 23, 2018
Find simple ways to become a citizen scientist with NCEI.

Discover the Gulf of Mexico Through Maps

August 27, 2018
Using maps, the Gulf of Mexico Data Atlas provides information related to the area’s environment, marine life, and socioeconomic status.